Florida summers are hot...so we wanted to share some ideas and tips for keeping your dog safe during the high temperatures.

But first, did you know that if the outside temperature is 85 degrees, that concrete can reach 105 degrees and asphalt can reach 130 degrees?    Please keep this in mind as you consider your summer dog walks.

A rule of thumb:  If the pavement is too hot for your hand...it will burn your dogs paws.

Here are some tips that might help keep your dogs comfortable and their paws safe during these hot summer days:

1.  Consider a kiddie pool for the yard, keeping the water shallow enough for your dog...and maybe throw some toys in the pool water to have your dog run into the pool,  hence cooling him down with some shallow splashing.

2.  Go on dog walks in the cool of the morning or evening, instead of the heat of the day.

Also, your dog can get overheated.  Here are some signs:

1. Reluctance to leave shaded area.

2. Panting

3. Shuffling paws

4. Grumpy

Signs of Heat Stroke for dogs:

1. Vomiting

2. Depression

3. Collapsing

4. Seizures

*If you notice any of these signs...do NOT put your dog in an ice bath!  Just put cool water on his paws, forehead and belly only.

Keeping your dogs hydrated, cool, comfortable and safe during these hot summer days is important.  Have a safe and happy summer!!!