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Harrison's Bird Bread Mix-Hot Pepper 

  • Manufacturer: Harrison’s Bird Foods

A Premium Certified Organic, non-GMO Verified "Bake at Home" Bird Bread Mix

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  • Certified organic and non-GMO verified
  • Provides a healthy alternative for bird owners who choose to prepare their own bird food or those who give regular treats to their birds
  • Can be offered instead of table food to birds that like to eat at family mealtimes
  • Can be used to assist in converting birds to a formulated diet
  • Can be hidden as a foraging reward
  • Can be used as a vehicle for administering liquid medications
  • Provides an easy-to-use transition for hospitalized or boarding birds until acceptance of the appropriate formulated diet
  • Can be moistened and offered to birds that are feeding chicks as a soft food
  • Can be used as a weaning food to transition to a formulated diet

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