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If you're going away and need someone to take care of your small animal, bird, or reptile, our boarding service is the right choice.
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We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members, or your pet that swims, flys, or crawls!
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From the foods that you need, to brushes and shampoos, to leashes and toys, and don't forget the special treats, Animal House Pet Center offers a full range of only the highest quality products.

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May is hurricane season so make sure you're prepared to care for your pets with these helpful tips: Have a two weeks supply of all prescriptions and medications for pets  Have a copy of all vaccination records Make sure you put a named collar on your pet or have them microchipped Make sure a pet carrier is available and keep it secured Be prepared with a two week supply of food Bring your pet's favorite toys to keep them occupied Have a two week supply of cat litter available  Keep a current photograph of your pet available  Visit us today for all of your pet supply needs.

The increasing popularity of pet reptiles means one can find them all over the world—finding homes in environments they would never survive in naturally. As the owner of a reptile, it is your responsibility to construct a substitute environment that still meets all of your reptiles' needs.

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Celebrate Reptile Awareness Day!

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October 21st is Reptile Awareness Day! Stop by Animal House for 10% Off all reptile kits to accomodate your favorite reptile, from October 21st to October 23rd! Must present coupon at time of purchase.
Valid: 10/21/2016 - 10/23/2016
Offered By: Animal House Pet Center