Boarding Service

If you're going away and need someone to take care of your small animal, bird, or reptile, our boarding service is the right choice.
Full Line of Products

We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members, or your pet that swims, flys, or crawls!
Specialty Products & Accessories

From the foods that you need, to brushes and shampoos, to leashes and toys, and don't forget the special treats, Animal House Pet Center offers a full range of only the highest quality products.

Expert Articles & Advice

Some cat owners find it difficult to get their cats to the vets office.  This is known as the "Carrier Barrier". Your cats health is important, so Animal House would like to share some tips to make taking your cat to his/her vet appointment a more positive experience.

Many people allow pet cats to roam loose outdoors, but this is a dangerous practice for cats, wildlife and pet owners. Understanding why it is harmful to let cats outdoors is important for becoming a more responsible pet owner and taking better care of your cats.