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Feed Your Fish Well

Shop Animal House Pet Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida for an array of swimmingly fun pet fish products to make your fish tank a utopia for your fish. Whether you've got a Tetra or an Oscar , you can determine the proper aquarium and products to satisfy your pet fish needs. Our welcoming crew can assist you to set up a new aquarium or find the right item for your pet fish. Visit Animal House Pet Center, or call (727) 328-0503 with any inquiries. We are happy to assist you.

  • internal filters
  • back-hanging filters
  • canister filters
  • sponge filters
  • replacement cartridges
  • phosphate and ammonia pads
  • nitrite and nitrate pads
  • bio media

  • Brushes
  • Gravel Vacuums
  • algae magnets
  • glass cleaners
  • clarifier
  • algicide
  • PH adjusters
  • beneficial bacteria
  • water conditioner
  • plant care
  • water test kits
  • reverse osmosis fresh water
  • salt and reef water

Fish Food & Supply Brands We Carry in Saint Petersburg

At Animal House Pet Center we carry a healthy selection of Fish food brands at our Saint Petersburg store. The brands below are some that we currently offer. Give us a call at (727)328-0503 to speak with someone about availability.

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